Almost 40  years of experience have made Nova Verta International a world leader in manufacturing spray-painting equipment with downdraft technology.

Founded in 1968, our company relocated to a new  20.000 s/m;  building in the heart of Italy  and Europe, strategically positioned for  logistics and services. Various developments in work cycles led to the new automatic line, which consists of a cutting line, latest generation,  numerically controlled punching machines and robotized bending machines.

Based on sound know-how, our research and development department is highly businesslike in satisfying all sorts of needs, always mindful of product engineering. Our well-stocked warehouse is ready to expedite orders on a daily basis. All these aspects have helped to develop Nova Verta booths, whose design, luminosity and usability are unique. Without forgetting the latest innovations in modularity, research on materials, water spray-painting and the establishment of inverter technology.

We cover over 70 countries worldwide with our new trademark. Our sales network uses local retailers and distributors, who are firmly established. Thanks to them, our life-blood is visibility, our real strength lies in customer care.

Our equipment is sold at all latitudes in training-centres, research and development institutes, leading vehicle and boats manufacturers, body-car repairers and formula one teams. You yourselves can try out our booths, assembly areas, alu space, and paint rooms in our show room, used to train our technicians and show our production.